• Welcome to Vu+Q

    Vu+Q is a set of tools for recording, mapping and testing the visual character and quality of places, spaces, streets and landscapes by the objective analysis of images.

    Identifying the interesting, the dull, the overly complex, and all shades between

    Handling the visual character of places, streets, spaces and landscape is difficult and complex.  Vu+Q helps to make sense of visual complexity and supports decision-making. Our techniques help measure and predict aesthetic appeal and perceptions of value. Our approach is useful to organisations involved in the design, planning, development, valuation or sale of the built and natural environment.

    Addressing subjective issues objectively

    Vu+Q provides an objective method of assessing and justifying  the visual character of urban design, landscape design and architectural proposals. Our approach aids  the quick identification and targeting of interventions. It provides evidence of visual improvement and helps identify how perceptions of financial value can be increased.  Our methods can be used to test designs, appraise and manage conservation areas, support character assessments and reinforce neighbourhood planning.