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Energy savings Enrich community buildings

EiE's final report for Enrich, a 5 year project supporting energy efficiency in Oxfordshire community buildings is now available.  The project was delivered in partnership with TOE2 and funded by the Patsy Wood Trust. The report shows 166 community buildings received support. 1,679 tonnes of CO2e were saved along with £358,000 in energy. See the full report here.

11th April 2017


Boost for Care Homes & Support Charities

Building on the success of its work within health care, EiE is hosting an energy event on 23rd March 2017 for care homes and charities who provide care and support.  The lunch meeting with leading hospices, care homes, and other charities, will include several talks on the latest solutions for organisations with diverse staff and facilities in order to overcome barriers to greater energy efficiency.  Please contact EiE's Energy Team to register or for further details.

16th January 2017


EiE Energy Sector Volunteers

EiE’s volunteer programme is designed to develop energy and carbon efficiency skills.  Our volunteers, who are often current and future Oxford Brookes University students, engage local organisations while improving their abilities. For more information on EiE's volunteer programme, please contact us.

30th September 2016


Secrets of Workplace Energy Efficiency

As part of Low Carbon Oxford Week, EiE and Oxford City Council present a breakfast event for organisations aiming to achieve best practice in energy management. Click here for more details and registration information.

24th May 2016


Community shop energy tips available

Energy is consumed in convenience and grocery stores in different ways than other retail organisations. EiE's guide for community shops covers a wide range of actions a shop can take to reduce wasted energy. The tips have been supported by TOE2 and Community First Oxfordshire and is available here.

10th May 2016


Care Home energy success

Facilities and estates managers from care homes across the UK attended an energy efficiency session hosted by EiE last week. Topics covered included best practice in measuring and monitoring, identifying savings opportunities, and examples of implementing sustainable solutions. Feedback from the lunch highlighted the need for continual improvement and including staff in goals towards greater efficiency.

19th April 2016


Support for UK Care Homes

EiE is hosting an event to help UK care homes save energy. Facilities managers face many challenges from an appropriate level of heating to financial pressures in the health care sector. The event will focus on prioritising areas for savings and ensuring staff skills move towards best practice. The lunch time event will be 31st March 2016. Please contact us for more information.

4 February 2016


New energy guide for community buildings published

A guide for assessing and improving energy efficiency in community buildings is now available. Written by EiE, the guide is aimed at those responsible for maintaining community buildings such as village halls and community centres. Topics covered include: insulation & draught proofing, heating, lighting, hot water, energy management, and renewables. The guide was developed with TOE2 and is freely available here.

9 December 2015


EiE launches heating management tool

There are a host of on-line tools to monitor energy use. Few are designed to develop actions and support to implement energy management improvements. EiE has launched a beta tool to manage heating in schools. This is the first stage of a larger suite of energy management support tools. Please contact us for further details.

17 November 2015


Heating and the Night Sky

EiE is working with Kielder Water & Forest Park, the world's third largest 'dark skies' area, to help shape energy efficient buildings in the local community. The area is excellent for viewing the night sky because of low light 'pollution'. EiE will be assisting community buildings to find effective and sustainable means of heating as part of Locality's COMA project.

7 September 2015


What would make your community a better place?

The government introduced "Community Rights" in 2011 to give local people more of a say in their local area and there are many ways communities can get involved. EiE are delivering energy efficiency consultancy to the Community Ownership and Management of Assets programme which supports partnerships between local public bodies (such as local authorities) and community groups (including parish councils) to develop multiple asset transfer or single, ground breaking asset projects. This programme is just one way for communities to get involved. Click here to find out more.

24th June 2015


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