Pre-master's courses for international students

  • Our pre-master's courses are designed to help you meet the academic and language requirements for your master's degree. You will take classes in your chosen subject and develop the essential skills you will need for postgraduate study.

    Apply online

    Apply directly to our international admissions team using our online application form.

    Who should take a pre-master's course?

    English language teachingPre-master's courses are for you if:

    • your undergraduate qualifications do not meet the level required for postgraduate study
    • you want to take a master's degree in a subject different from your undergraduate degree
    • you need to improve your study skills or academic English

    Which pre-master's course is for me?

    Your choice of course will depend on your English language skills, your subject knowledge and your academic study skills.

    Pre-master's for native English speakers

    • Pre-Master's Certificate: Study Skills - IELTS 7.0 or native/near-native speakers
      12-week course to rapidly boost your study skills in preparation for your master's degree - a popular choice for North American, African and European (including Irish and British) students and anyone who needs a short course to improve their study skills for further study

    The table below shows you how you will progress on these programmes.

  • Pre-Master's diagram

  • Pre-Sessional English: if you need to improve your English language skills before starting your Master's or Pre-Master's we have language courses available. See our pre-sessional University English pages.