Using images in teaching - copyright guidelines

Lectures, seminars and classes

If you are delivering a lecture or seminar presentation, you may use any image to illustrate a point that you are making. You should always include an acknowledgement of the source of the image.

If you wish to use an image which does not illustrate a point in your teaching, you should only use an image where you have explicit permission for this sort of re-use - see guidelines below on Image sources and Finding images that are free to use.

Images in the VLE

If you use images in your teaching and you wish to make your lecture slides or teaching material available in your Brookes Virtual course for Brookes registered students, follow these guidelines.

You must set your lecture slides in a context that makes it clear how they relate to the teaching of the course. All the images in the slides should illustrate points you are making in your teaching.

If you provide other images in the VLE, you must relate them clearly to a particular learning activity or make it clear how they illustrate points in your teaching.

You should use low resolution images.

You should always include an acknowledgement of the source of the image.

The guidelines above are based on the legal exception of fair dealing with a work for the sole purpose of illustration for instruction. Further advice is available from the JISCLegal website (the site is now archived but the advice is still valid).

Image sources for use in teaching

The sites below contain images which may be used for teaching, in the VLE and for other educational purposes. They may only be used for teaching Brookes registered students; they should not be used on open web sites or MOOCs.

ARTstor - high quality art historical images useful for a wide range of subjects

Bridgeman education - art historical images useful for a wide range of subjects

British cartoon archive - cartoons from newspapers and other sources going back to the 19th century, particularly strong for politics and news coverage

JISC MediaHub - includes images of a wide range of subjects but is particularly strong for news coverage

Finding images that are free to use

If you want to find images for use on open web pages, or for MOOCs, or for publication, you will need to have permission from the rightsowner of the images.

There are a number of images and image sites on the internet where the rightsowners explicitly give permission for their images to be reused. You may use these images under the terms and conditions set by their rightsowners. Sometimes these sites will use Creative Commons licences.

Sites like Wikimedia Commons and Flickr contain images uploaded by contributors and often contain material that has been illegally copied. You should only use images from websites if you are confident that the person who uploaded the image is the person who created or owns the copyright in the image.  Also, some non-UK websites may give copyright advice which does not apply in the UK.

See the following pages for more advice:
Finding images on Flickr
Intellectual Property Office Copyright Notice: digital images, photographs and the internet

Further information and help

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Telephone (01865) 483146 or email