Using images from the internet

The sites below contain images which Brookes students and staff can use freely for teaching and other educational purposes: you may use them in the VLE and in PowerPoint presentations at Brookes, as well as in coursework.

ARTstor - high quality art historical images useful for a wide range of subjects (US based database)

Bridgeman education - art historical images useful for a wide range of subjects (British database)

British cartoon archive - cartoons from newspapers and other sources going back to the 19th century, particularly strong for politics and news coverage

JISC MediaHub - includes images of a wide range of subjects but is particularly strong for news coverage

Oxford reference online - the Maps & Illustrations section contains maps and diagrams relevant to a wide range of subjects

VADS: the online resource for visual arts - art and design images useful for a range of subjects

Some of these databases and e-journal collections may also be useful for finding images for teaching purposes.

There are also websites like Flickr where people upload and share their photos.  These contain a large number of images available for educational and other uses but you need to check each image to see the terms under which you may use that particular image.  These websites often contain material that has been illegally copied so you should only use images from these websites if you are confident that the person who uploaded the image is the person who created or owns the copyright in the image.  See for further advice.

Other images from the internet

Images on websites are protected by UK copyright law. Some websites have clear information about the terms and conditions under which their material may be used; you should not infringe these terms and conditions.

However, some non-UK websites may give copyright advice which does not apply in the UK. Also you should be aware that some websites contain images which have been illegally copied; these websites may give misleading advice about how the images may be used. If you need to consider whether the copyright advice given on a website is reliable, check whether the images on the website were contributed by the person or organisation who created or owns the copyright in the images.

If there is no clear and reliable copyright information, then you may download or print from the website under the following conditions. You should only download or print a small part for your own private use and you should not make this available to other people (for example, by including it in a PowerPoint presentation or on a Brookes Virtual course).

Other information about images

JISC Digital Media provides advice, guidance and training to the UK's Further and Higher Education community on digital media resources; they have produced an interactive tutorial Internet for image searching

Image sources This page includes links to a wide range of image resources useful for research and for student coursework – it is particularly intended for fine art students.

Image sources (Word document) covers in more detail how to find images for research and for student coursework, including printed sources.

Further information and help

Contact Katie Hambrook, Audio Visual Librarian and CLA Licence Co-ordinator.
Telephone (01865) 483146 or email