Language studies and linguistics on the Internet

Many free internet sites are available to help with language learning. A selection is listed below.

Don't forget that Brookes staff and students also have access to subscription services such as Oxford language dictionaries online. Connect to these via our list of Electronic dictionaries and language databases

1. Dictionaries and thesauri
2. Translation services
3. General language and linguistics sites
4. Sites for specific languages

1. Dictionaries and thesauri

Bibliomania has a research section which allows you to search various language reference books, including dictionaries, books of quotations, synonyms, thesauri, and literary sources. : an online dictionary with links to many other tools.
I Love Languages is a database listing language-learning materials available on the Internet. It includes has a good listing of online dictionaries.
The Internet Dictionary Project provides access to free online dictionaries.
OneLook dictionaries indexes over 600 online dictionaries.
Roget's Thesaurus : the experimental online version provided by the ARTFL Project : another online version of Roget's Thesaurus

2. Translation services
WorldLingo online text translator

3. General language and linguistics sites

Association for Language Awareness
BAAL The web site for the British Association for Applied Linguistics, which provides a forum for people interested in language and the applications of linguistics. language portal includes links to many online dictionaries.
The BBC languages site offers resources in French, Spanish and German and there are links to English as a foreign language materials through the World Service Pages.
Cercles: European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education
CILT: Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research is the UK's national centre of expertise on language teaching.
ELRA: The European Language Resources Association
IALIC: International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication.
I Love Languages is a database listing language-learning materials available on the Internet. It currently contains over 1800 resources covering more than 100 different languages.
Kidon Media link has a news sources from Europe index which includes radio stations and newspapers within Europe.
Lingu@net has a "virtual language centre".
Logos Multilingual E-translation Portal. An italian site which offers various transation and language services.
The Literary translation section of the British Council Web site includes examples of translated texts and details about events.
LTSN Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics & Area Studies has links to a variety of language-related resources.
PALA: Poetics and Linguistics Association is an academic organisation for people interested in language, stylistics and poetics.
Travlang contains details of online and CD-ROM language learning materials.
WELL - Web Enhanced Language Learning. The WELL Project aims to promote wider awareness and more effective use of the World Wide Web for Modern Languages teaching across Higher Education (HE) in the UK.
Word2Word gives access to a wide range of online dictionaries and other language services.

4. Sites for specific languages

English as a Foreign Language