Some journals in this field are available online. Follow the highlighted links below for free access.

AABC (Afro Asian Book Council) Newsletter
Action Africa
ADEA (Association for the Development of Education in Africa) Newsletter 1993-2006. Continued as ADEA Bulletin.
Africa Book Centre Book Review
African Book Publishing Record
Africa Development
Africa Review of Books
African Publishing Review
African Research and Documentation
Asian/Pacific Book Development
Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter
Book Fair Bulletin
Bukku: Bulletin de Liaison des professionnels du Livre en Afrique
CAMECO (Catholic Media Council) Media Forum (prev. CAMECO Information Bulletin) 1995-2006. Continued as CAMECO Update.
Development and Cooperation
Education des Adultes et Developpement
Feed the Minds News
Grassroots Book News
IASP (International Association of Scholarly Publishers) Newsletter
IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) Newsletter
IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) Newsletter: Regional Section for Africa
INASP (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications) Newsletter

Interchange Newsletter (Book Aid International)
InterLit 1995-2006. Replaced by Cook Partners Magazine
International Publishers Bulletin
Journal de l'agence intergouvermentale de la Francophonie
Kalulu News: Newsletter of the Foundation for the Promotion of Children's Science Publications in Africa (CHISCI)
Kenya Bookseller
Literacy Link
Literatur Nachrichten
NCAL (National Center on Adult Literacy) Connections
Network (Forum for the Advancement of Adult Education)
NGAO: Newsletter of the Network for the Defence of Independent Media in Africa (NDIMA)
NGOMA Newsletter
Notre Librairie
Partners in African Publishing
PEGBoard: Professional Editors' Group Newsletter
Takam Tikou: Bulletin de la Joie par les Livres