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This week: Malcolm and I discussed Seed banks and Crabzilla!

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  • # Arabidopsis lateral root emergence
  • Arabidopsis heart-stage embryo
  • Stomatal development
  • Shoot apical meristem - 3D
  • Shoot apical meristem - single plane
  • Shoot apical meristem of Clarkia - SEM
  • Hypocotyl cells
  • Lateral root primordium
  • Endoplasmic reticulum 3D
  • Arabidopsis 2-cell embryo
  • Arabidopsis 8-cell embryo
  • Arabidopsis globular-stage embryo
  • Arabidopsis heart-stage embryo
  • Actin, tubulin and nuclei
  • Cell division in a root
  • Actin, Golgi apparatus and nucleus
  • Arabidopsis main root tip
  • Rabbit heart section
  • Arabidopsis embryo shoot apical meristem
  • Bacterial culture art
  • A binucleate cell
  • Anaphase of cell division
  • A human cell
  • Plant cell model
  • Plant cell ER and Golgi
  • Developing flower of Clarkia
  • Tracking Golgi movement
  • Golgi body tracks
  • Plant nuclear envelope
  • Lateral root emergence
  • Leaf abstract
  • Clarkia flower
  • Plant mitosis art
  • Convallaria rhizome art
  • Root tip schematic
  • Dracenea stem
  • Root hairs with ER
  • Stomata and ER
  • Arabidopsis 8-cell embryo - 3D
  • Embryonic shoot apical meristem - 3D
  • Trichome on leaf
  • 3D reconstruction of root

Fun science

  • I saw this image in a yogurt ad one time. Sure gave it the ring of authority. Feel free to use this image in your own thesis or publications! You draw your own conclusions!

  • New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast on evolution. Well that clears that right up!

  • Doonesbury on Creationism.'It is to laugh' (D. Duck)

  • Lady Gaga explains about life in a biology lab and what it's like having a 'Bad Project'. The best parody vid of them all. By the Zheng lab. Tears running down my cheeks...!

  • OMG! If you've ever been the victim of a bad reviewer you'll love this vid. Herr Professor hears what Reviewer #3 has to say. Beware of some bad language...