Ms Helena Webster

Associate Dean Strategy and Development


Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment


School of Architecture / School of Arts / Department of Computing and Communication Technologies / Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences


The themes of my research

Details of my research

Helena's recent research has focused on two major themes.

1. The place of memorials in the cultural construction of history.
Helena's work uses Holocaust memorials as a vehicle for investigating the role memorials can play in influencing the public understanding historical events. Her detailed research on the history of the Auschwitz State Museum revealed the ways in which religious and political groups fought to control the narrative presented by the museum's physical fabric, exhibitions, guidebooks, ceremonies and tours.

  • Webster, H., Troiani, I. and M. Swenarton (eds) (2007) The Politics of Making: Theory, Practice, Product.Routledge.
  • Webster, H. (2007) 'Auschwitz State Museum: collective memory and the contested landscape' in Swenarton, M., Troiani, I. and H Webster (eds) The Politics of Making: Theory, Practice, Product. London: Routledge. pp.208-220.

2. The sociology of Pierre Bourdieu in relation to the field of architecture.
Helena's research spans from an introduction to the aspects of Bourdieu's work that are of relevance to architects and designers to small scale studies into the construction of aesthetic valises in architectural education.

  • Webster, H. (forthcoming) After the Sorrow; re-imagining the highlang longhouse.
  • Webster, H. (2010) Pierre Bourdieu for Architects. London: Routledge.
  • Webster, H. (2010) 'Assessing Design Quality in Architectural Education' In Sharr, A. et al (eds) Quality out of Control: Standards for measuring architecture. London: Routledge.

Media enquiries

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