The purpose of the mentoring scheme

The purpose of the Brookes Mentoring Scheme is to provide valuable support and developmental opportunity for staff.  Mentoring can be used to develop partnerships, which embed a culture of continuous learning and development.  This is particularly appropriate when staff are:

  • Newly appointed to the university
  • Promoted or moving to a different role
  • Adopting a management / leadership role for the first time
  • Moving to a senior post (eg directors, pro vice chancellors, deans)
  • Undertaking a formal course
  • Developing a research profile

Mentoring can:

  • Provide support for continuing professional development
  • Provide support for career and personal development
  • Enhance the application of learning
  • Facilitate growth in the current role 

The potential benefits of a mentoring scheme

The potential benefits of an effective mentoring partnership for all parties, include:

For the mentee:

  • Improving self confidence
  • Encouraging reflection on practice
  • Celebrating effective practice
  • Identifying areas for development
  • Developing knowledge and skills
  • Establishing a network

For the mentor:

  • Developing working relationships
  • Career development
  • Self reflection
  • Developing skills
  • Improving job satisfaction

For the University:

  • Improving communication
  • Transfer of knowledge/skills/experience
  • Motivating staff
  • Adding to Induction processes
  • Supporting a coaching culture