Moving towards Internationalisation of the Curriculum for Global Citizenship in Higher Education

  1. Introduction: Internationalising the curriculum for global citizenship in higher education Valerie Clifford and Catherine Montgomery

Part 1 Policy

  1. Higher education transitions: from international to global institutions. Felix Maringe
  2. Walking the talk: fostering a sense of global citizenry amongst staff in higher education. Michelle Barker, Raymond Hibbins and Fiona Farrelly
  3. Engaging the gatekeepers: faculty perspectives on developing curriculum for globally responsible citizenship. Wendy Green and Patricie Mertova
  4. Graduate attributes and education for responsible global citizenship. Valerie Clifford and Martin Haigh
  5. Research in internationalisation of the curriculum for global citizenship: where do we stand? Catherine Montgomery and Valerie Clifford

Part 2 Research on Practice

  1. A narrative of unexpected cultural contribution: a critical cosmopolitan approach to global cultural politics and internationalisation. Adrian Holliday
  2. What is my PhD teaching me about the implications of using culturally sensitive concepts for educators and students? Sally Davis
  3. Insights into hidden stories of corssing cultures: the CICIN. Catherine Montgomery and Jane Spiro
  4. Being and becoming a global citizen: student perspectives on engagement, interdisciplinarity and boundary crossings. Catherine Montgomery, Mumba Chakula, John Paul Ndoumin and Claire Sedgwick
  5. The challenge of global citizenship education in the 21st century university: a case for service-learning and community volunteering? Vivienne Caruana
  6. Conclusion. Valerie Clifford and Catherine Montgomery
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