Teaching More Students

The main challenge facing teachers in higher education is coping with reduced resources and larger classes without a decline in quality. The publications in the Teaching More Students series are amongst the most popular ever produced on teaching and assessment in higher education, with over 30,000 copies sold worldwide. Over 10,000 lecturers have experienced workshops using these materials. Following the success of the first five in the series in 1992 a second series has been produced, starting with 'Supporting More Students'. At a time when conventional personal tutoring systems have collapsed and student retention is declining this timely booklet offers a range of practical advice and examples of successful strategies.

  1. Problems and Course Design Strategies
  2. Lecturing to more students
  3. Discussion with more students
  4. Assessing more students
  5. Independent learning with more students
  6. Supporting More Students
  7. Labs and practical with more students and fewer resources