Jenny Moon

Jenny works part time at Bournemouth University (Centre for Excellence in Media Practice - in research on learning); and part time as an independent consultant, running workshops and projects. She has worked in higher education and professional development for 20 years and, particularly in the last five years has run large numbers of workshops in the UK and abroad. Most of the workshops relate to subject matter of her books, so that the content is well researched and based on substantial academic thinking, though she is happy to design courses/workshops on new topics or fit requirements and contexts. In terms of timing and length of workshops, there is complete flexibility. Jenny tends to use substantial handouts and they are designed to support short or long courses.

Jenny's books are all published by Routledge Falmer, London. They include Reflection in Learning and Professional Development (1999a); Learning Journals, a handbook for students, Academics and Professional Development (1999b) and second edition, 2006 with much new material); Improving the Impact of Short Courses and Workshops (2001); a Module and Programme Development Handbook, 2002); A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning (2004); Learning Journals: a handbook for professional development and reflective practice (2006); Critical thinking an exploration of theory and practice (2008); Achieving success through academic assertiveness (2009).

Jenny is currently working on a book on the role of story in higher education.