Online courses

Our range of online courses are between four and six weeks long and have been designed to give you time and space to think through complex issues, identify how they impact on your own work, and make plans for future developments. All the courses are activity-based, supported by course texts and by specially developed online resources. Each week you will work through some guided readings, record your thoughts, share your work with others in your group, discuss your work and that of other members of your group, and analyse and summarise your findings.

Our courses are:

  • Carefully designed around principles of collaborative learning, tried and tested over the many years we have been running courses online.
  • Now using a range of established and emerging technologies to support your learning experience.
  • Intensively tutored by teams of experienced and highly skilled online tutors.
  • Created by expert educational developers who select and create resources and activities on issues relevant to post-compulsory education.
  • For anyone who teaches and/or supports learning in post-compulsory education.
  • An experience in themselves! Whichever topic you choose for your first online course, you will experience online learning from a student perspective.

What will happen on an OCSLD online course?

  • You will join a group of 8-20 course participants, usually including a mix of UK and international participants.
  • You will receive a welcome mailing which includes a guide to getting started advice from previous participants, and often a course text.
  • When you login to our online learning environment you will find a schedule of weekly learning activities based around short selected readings and podcasts.
  • You will engage in a range of individual and collaborative activities with support from your tutors and other course participants.


Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is Brookes Virtual, and runs on the Moodle system. Read OCSLD's guide to Brookes Virtual to help you get started.

You can browse some of our online course materials in RADAR, our teaching and research repository.

Group bookings - discounts available.


"Before I have only supported students on a one to one basis via email and can now see what a great impact collaborative discussion could have".

"The tasks set have been very useful and discussion with other students online has also proved worthwhile... It is the encouragement of other sutdents and the tutors which have helped me get through this course and I thank all of them. It has been as rewarding learning experience".