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      Europe Japan Research Centre

  • 欧日研究会

    Europe Japan Research Centre

  • The Europe Japan Research Centre (EJRC) is the home through which we organise and disseminate the high quality research of all Brookes staff working on Japan as well as a large number of affiliated Research Fellows.

    Oxford Brookes staff researching Japan are located both in the  Department of Social Sciences and the  Department of English and Modern Languages, thus reflecting our interdisciplinary approach to Japanese Studies.

    Every semester the Europe Japan Research Centre hosts a series of talks and other events by scholars, artists and commentators from around the world who are Japan specialists. Under the auspices of our Japan Interest Group (JIG), these events are open to the public with guests including students, active and retired researchers or anyone with an interest in Japan.

    The inauguration of the Europe Japan Research Centre in 2001 marked the fact that Oxford Brookes University could boast the highest concentration of anthropologists of Japan of any higher education institution in the world. This was made possible in part through benefactions from the Economic and Social Research Council, the Nippon Foundation and the Japan Foundation, the latter of which has also allowed us to expand our staff in the International Relations of Japan.

    The Europe Japan Research Centre was officially inaugurated in September 2001 during the conference on the  History and Practice of Copying in Japan. The Centre builds on and formalises the activities of the longer-standing Japan Interest Group, which has regularly organised three events a term since 1993, when it was founded by Joy Hendry, the first director of EJRC. Joy also invited a carpenter from her first Japanese fieldwork location to build the  Japanese Room which stands in the entrance to the Gibbs Building, where many modules on Japan are taught.

    Through its research seminar and conference activities, and the teaching of its members, the Europe Japan Research Centre contributes a major role to our undergraduate single honours and joint honours programme in  Japanese Language and Contemporary Society, as well training in  Anthropology and International Relations. At postgraduate level students work on Japan through the  Graduate Diploma in Anthropology and  MRes degrees, as well as through independent research as PhD students.

  • Organising members

    Yuka Akiyama

    Lecturer in Japanese Language and Linguistics
    Phone: | Email: yakiyama@brookes.ac.uk | Location:

    Mr John Lo Breglio

    Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 484105 | Email: jlobreglio@brookes.ac.uk | Location:

    Dr Jason Danely

    Senior Lecturer in Anthropology of Japan
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 483975 | Email: jdanely@brookes.ac.uk | Location:

    Dr Hanako Fujino

    Lecturer in Japanese Language and Linguistics
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 483980 | Email: hfujino@brookes.ac.uk | Location:

    Mrs Keiko Ikeshiro

    Instructor in Japanese Language
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 484106 | Email: kikeshiro@brookes.ac.uk | Location:

    Dr Alexander Jacoby

    Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 483731 | Email: alexanderjacoby@brookes.ac.uk | Location:

    Dr Louella Matsunaga

    Programme Lead for Anthropology and Geography
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 484026 | Email: lmatsunaga@brookes.ac.uk | Location:
  • Affilated members

    • Suzuko Anai, Japanese Language/ICT and eLearning Developer
    • Kuniko Ashizawa
    • Catherine Atherton
    • Eyal Ben Ari
    • Miles Dodd, Business Studies
    • Professor Joy Hendry, Anthropology
    • Peter Wynn Kirby
    • Thomas Leims
    • Dr Ruth Martin, Anthropology
    • Hirochika Nakamaki
    • James Roberson
    • Mitchell Sedgwick
    • Dr Bruce White, Anthropology