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  • Research projects

  • This project that started in September 2001 brought to Brookes a team of Japanese researchers headed by Professor Hirochika Nakamaki, of the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku), Osaka, to make a comparison of management culture in England and Japan, with special reference to religion and museums. Visits were made to Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, and Sheffield. Further visits were made in 2002, and the final conference in September 2003.

    Publications from the conference include Nakamaki, H., ed., A Comparison of Management Culture in Japan and the UK. Research report, Japanese National Museum of Ethnology. March 2004.

    In progress

    • Maya Gelbtuch The Student Experience in Japanese Higher Education
    • Yutaka Kanomata The Japanese Imperial System in the context of anthropological theory about Divine Kingship
    • Duccio Gasparri Tohoku eating habits, social change, and post-disaster micro-economies


    • Stephanie Oeben Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games in Europe and Japan: A Comparative Anthropological Study
    • Paola Esposito Butoh and the West: A Performative Ethnographic Analysis of the Spread of Butoh-dance outside of Japan
    • Anna Fraser Medical properties of hot springs in Japan
    • Sebastien Boret New Buddhist “natural” funerals in Japan
    • Douglas Frewer Japanese Stamps.
    • Ruth Martin The role of Japanese housewives in the UK.
    • Ayumi Sasagawa The way highly educated mothers in Japan give up their work on childbirth.
    • Phil Sawkins (Not) only connect – investigating the place of the mobile phone in Japanese lives
    • Katsunobu Shimizu on problems of school refusal in Japan
    • Bruce White Generational change in social and cultural identity among Japanese in Kyushu