Oxford Brookes Information Solutions (OBIS) / PIP

  • We're here to enable you to get the best out of IT at Oxford Brookes.

    OBIS home

    The OBIS webpages have comprehensive information covering all aspects of IT at Brookes as well as a broad range of documentation covering system and application use.

    About PIP

    Your (PIP) lets you look at your own personal details such as salary, address details, training courses attended and your absence record. Where applicable, you can view your personal tutors and any course, module or field responsibilities, search on and view room bookings, and view statistics.

    PC / network access

    Computer access and password issue will be set up and administered by one of our dedicated teams dependant on your role and location.


     allows you to access your Brookes email from any computer, anywhere.

    Mailing lists

    We have a number of discussion and information email lists available that you can subscribe to.


    We have dedicated help desk staff who can help with any IT query and can help resolve any problems you have by liaising with related departments.

    Telecoms / telephones

    See our telecoms intranet pages for information about telecommunications at Brookes.