Oxford Brookes Business School

  • Current Student Profiles

    Research profiles from current students in the Oxford Brookes Business School.

    Research profiles from Alumni can be found further down the page.

    • Rosa Codina

      Rosa Codina

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'The role of tourism in altering the structure of power relations and facilitating sustainable socio-cultural development for indigenous communities in Peru.'

    • Ksenia Penchukova

      Ksenia Penchukova

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Under-representation of female executive directors on company boards.'

    • James Pritchard

      James Pritchard

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Coaching for Mindful Action.'

    • Nadia Singh

      Nadia Singh

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Political Economy of bioenergy in developing economies: A case study of bioenergy projects in Punjab, India.'

  • Alumni Profiles

    Research student alumni profiles from the Oxford Brookes Business School.

    • Aisha Kolawole

      Aisha Kolawole

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'An empirical analysis of energy demand in Sub-Saharan Africa.'

    • Sue Ledwith

      Sue Ledwith

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Prospects for Gender Democracy in Labour Movements.'

    • Ringkar Situmorang

      Ringkar Situmorang

      Oxford School of Hospitality Management

      'Exploring Expatriation and Localization of Managers in the International Hotel Industry: A Case Study from Jakarta, Indonesia.'