• Where did you get this from? Reference? Is this just your opinion? Too much quotation - not enough comment...

    Comments like this suggest two things:

    • That you need to get to grips with referencing
    • You are not yet confident about how to draw on other writers and sources in your writing.

    The resources here are designed to help you with the first - starting with the concept, and moving on to models for specific sources you might want to cite. First do be sure you are clear about the style of referencing required in your course - it may differ from one module to another.

    The concept of referencing

    • What is referencing?

      (RMIT, Aus) Watch this short video to get the basic concept of the what, why and how of referencing (2 minutes well spent!).
    • In-text citations and the list of references

      (University of Coventry, UK) Pages 5-7 show the relationship between how you write in-text citations and the list of references at the end (Harvard style).
    • Referencing

      (University of the West of England, UK) This explains the essentials of a reference clearly and simply. The link goes to 'journals and books'. Continue to click down the left of the page for clear explanations of the whole process.
    • Cite them Right Online

      As well as containing the most comprehensive advice on the version of Harvard most approved at Brookes, this resource also has searchable help on APA, MLA, MHRA, Oscola, Vancouver, and Chicago styles.

    See Citing references in your work and plagiarism for advice and guides on referencing from Brookes library.

    Referencing styles

    First you MUST check your handbook/tutor/course leader to find out which referencing style they expect, and which guides they expect you to use.

    • APA Style
      Advice on APA style and referencing from the official source.
    • APA referencing tutorial 
      (Cardiff University, UK) Use the menu on the left to find what you want.

    Some Departments and Faculties in Brookes have their own guides to Harvard:

    DIY reference sheets  
    You may find these prompt sheets useful to get the hang of recording all the details of a reference correctly (the examples come from the Health and Social Care guide above).

  • Referencing software

    • Endnote software (supported by Brookes library) enables you to organise and record your references in your own database for each assignment as you go.
    • Zotero referencing software is similar to Endnote as it collects and indexes your references.
    • Reference builders are where you type in the details and the software 'builds' your reference for you. Try Neil's toolbox or the RefME App.
    • In Word 2010 the referencing tab for APA is very similar to Brookes Harvard, but do check with any module or other referencing guide you have from your School or Faculty