The Upgrade team

  • Core Team

    Kevin Watson
    Head of Department and Tutor (Study Skills) Kevin Watson
    Faculty link for Business and Humanities and Social Sciences 

    • Kevin worked in study skills and learning development for a number of years before becoming head of Upgrade in 2015. Formerly a lecturer in American history at the University of Sheffield, Kevin’s varied career has also included some best-forgotten theatrical endeavours, crime prevention and community safety work and a stint as the director of a museum. In his current role, Kevin specialises in developing critical thinking, academic socialisation, and work with postgraduate students.

    Janet Godwin
    Senior Tutor (Resources, Study Skills and Dyslexia specialist) Janet Godwin
    Faculty link for Health and Life Sciences

    • Janet has worked at Oxford Brookes for over a decade as an Upgrade tutor and dyslexia support tutor. She is the author of two Palgrave-Macmillan Pocket Skills books (one on planning essays and another on dyslexia). Janet specialises in essay planning and uses visual techniques to explain study skills concepts to students. She aims to reduce their stress so they feel able to tackle their workload.

    Catrin Radcliffe
    Tutor (Maths & Statistics) Catrin Radcliffe new
    Faculty link for Technology, Design and Environment

    • Catrin specialises in teaching hidden mathematics. When not at Brookes, she is a visiting academic in the Laboratory of Oscillations and Plasticity, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford, using her applied mathematical background to investigate the mechanisms underlying memory formation in the brain.

    Associate Tutors

    Claire BakerClaire Baker

    • Claire is an experienced study skills tutor specialising in assignment planning, English for academic purposes, effective referencing, as well as experience in working with dyslexic students. 

    Rehana Bari newRehana Bari

    •  Rehana is a tutor in maths and statistics who also works at the University of Reading’s Mathematics Support Centre.

    Claire BennettClaire Bennett

    • Claire Bennett has taught study skills at Oxford Brookes since 2011 working with both Upgrade and providing Additional Learning Support for students on the Art & Design Foundation Course. In addition to teaching study skills, Claire is a graphic designer and illustrator and also runs a small, local music festival with her family.

    Chantal Butchinsky newChantal Butchinsky

    • Chantal has been working in study skills at Oxford Brookes for three years.  She is a social anthropologist whose specialist field is homelessness and space; she has taught a variety of undergraduate modules at Oxford Brookes and at Birkbeck College London,  and currently teaches Anthropology of Space, Architecture and Landscape at Birkbeck. 

    Daniel GerrardDaniel Gerrard

    • Daniel is a graduate of the Universities of Glasgow and St Andrews. In addition to his work with Upgrade, he is a tutor in Medieval History at Oxford’s Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and has another post at Brookes as a liaison officer for the Study Higher initiative.

    Jeanne GoldingJeanne Golding 

    • Jeanne has worked as a specialist 1:1 Dyslexia/SpLD support tutor at Oxford Brookes for many years. She has also worked for Southwark, Lewisham and West Oxfordshire Colleges of Further Education in the areas of Dyslexia support, Study Skills and Basic/Functional Skills; also worked for the University of West London; London College of Music, on their Musical Theatre degree course.

    Kate WilliamsKate Williams

    • Kate has taught study skills for many years and set up and ran Upgrade, the Study Advice Service at Oxford Brookes University. In parallel she has written a number of study skills books, each shorter and more succinct than the last. The Palgrave Pocket Study Skills series was her idea (size of a pocket!) and she is series editor and author or coauthor of several in the series. Now semi retired, family remains a big part of life.

    Reception Staff

    Chloë ArnoldChloë Arnold 

    • Chloë is a current student at Oxford Brookes, reading Law. She has recently undertaken a secondment in Missouri, carrying out research for the Missouri Death Penalty study, run by the Capital Sentencing Institute (CSI) and St. Louis School of Law. She aspires to become a barrister, specialising in the fields of Criminal and International Human Rights Law. 

    Camilla ChlebnaCamilla Chlebna 

    • Camilla Chlebna is a PhD researcher at Oxford Brookes University. She has been at Brookes on and off for more than seven years. As an Austrian, she is a German native speaker. For her PhD, she is comparing the development of the wind energy industry in Germany and Britain. She hopes to finish her PhD by January but does not know yet what her next adventure will be.