Counselling placements

  • The Counselling Service offers placements to Counsellors in training undertaking Diploma or higher level courses. These placements offer a valuable opportunity to gain experience in a busy, adaptive Counselling Service offering brief therapy to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students as part of a broad-reaching Wellbeing Department. 

    A placement at Oxford Brookes Counselling Service will provide:

    • experience of working within a University context with undergraduate and postgraduate students
    • experience of working within a dynamic established Counselling Service within a Higher Education context
    • experience of working within Wellbeing, and appropriate liaison with the different teams, e.g. Disability and Dyslexia/Special Learning Teams
    • experience of working within a brief therapy model
    • experience of clinical supervision of brief therapy
    • training on brief therapy, assessments, risk assessment & management, focused treatment plans
    • training on clinical administrative systems, including CORE
    • peer supervision discussions
    • clinical discussions with a team of Staff and Placement Counsellors
    • support from an external Psychiatric/ Psychotherapist Consultant
    • the possibility of shadowing or co-working with Staff Counsellors running training workshops for students on various issues – Positive Mental Wellbeing, Stress Management & Resilience, Effective Assertive Communications, Procrastination, Relating Better to Others

    For further information, see Counselling placements.