Blue marking cards

  • Blue marking cards are for you to attach to your assignments and exam papers so that your tutors are aware of your dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties and will mark, as far as possible, for content.

    There are guidelines for marking work of students with dyslexia or specific learning difficulties. You must attach a blue card before you hand in your work if you want to benefit from these arrangements.

    There are also guidelines for tutors to follow so that they comment on your work in a way that you are most likely to find useful.

    For formal exams, you will be given a blue card as part of your exam pack. For in-class tests, you need to take a card with you to the test.

    Collecting your blue cards

    You can collect blue cards from the following places:

    • Wellbeing Reception
    • Welcome desk in the JHBB library
    • Enquiry desk at any other Brookes library
    • Marston Road campus (from Reception)
    • Swindon campus 

    Please note, if you are collecting cards at Marston Road or Swindon, you may be asked to show a copy of your Staff Memo (you received this with your registration email). At Wellbeing Reception or the Headington or Wheatley libraries, you only need to show your Brookes student card.

    Online submission

    You can use the electronic blue card when you submit work online. This is attached to the registration email which is sent to students when they register. You can also download the card from the 'Admin Services' tab on your PIP page. You can insert the electronic blue card directly into the document you are going to submit. The electronic blue card is in Jpeg format (an image file) so you can insert it into your essay document as you would add a picture.