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    • Gain invaluable business experience
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    Have a great idea that you want to test out?

    Brookes can give you specialist advice and/or grants to help get your own business or community project started. Learn what it's like to get a new enterprise off the ground from those students who've done it… with a little help from Brookes.

  • Developing products for the 21st century

    Josh Shires came up with his idea for the Musicase – a sleek iPhone case that will stop you from losing or tangling your headphones ever again – together with fellow entrepreneur James Griffiths whilst studying at Brookes. Together they formed Mous to bring this product to the world.


    "At the start of my journey many people said to me ‘no one will buy that’, ‘no one will invest in that’ and many more negative comments. If I'd listened to them, I would have never achieved what I have. Instead I followed my gut feeling.

    But, it can be a hard balance to get right. No one will see the vision you have and you have to stay resilient and strong. Sometimes though, people are right, and you need to know when to pivot and change direction.

    The Brookes voluntary entrepreneurial class helped me to find that balance.

    Even after I left university, I kept in touch and got advice and support from the Brookes business development team.

    I received help with my business plan and, even after I left the university, I kept in touch and got advice and support.”

    Josh Shires studied www.mous.com

  • Bringing art to the community

    Kirini Kopcke had the idea of an alternative type of art show for a long time but lacked the funds to make it happen. With support and a small grant from Brookes she was able to start the Oxford Art Circus.

    Watch how the circus is connecting artists with the local community – and find out about how Brookes supports this and similar projects through OBSEA.

    Kirini Kopcke studied MA Contemporary Arts.

  • Turning a blog into a business

    Stephanie Reed started a fashion blog when she was sixteen and turned it into a successful digital magazine - sovainmagazine.com. Targeted at a young, fashion-savvy audience the magazine has built up a substantial following with over 15,000 hits a month.

    Stephanie Reed

    Drawing on skills she learnt on her course - and on the skills of her fellow students - Stephanie has now moved into book publishing.

    My course has taught me to analyse what people want rather than just going with my gut feeling.

    "Having got an online magazine up and running I felt ready to try my hand at something different. When Leander Reeves, one of my module leaders, suggested starting a publishing company my first reaction was: ‘no way, I can’t do that!’

    But I couldn’t resist the challenge. So I made the choice to hand over the Editor-in-Chief role for the magazine to Charlotte Trick, who studies Communication, Media and Culture, and make the move into book publishing.

    At So Vain Books, I've been able to build up a great team, with lots of my fellow students involved. We published our first book – Are You On The List? – in November 2014, and there will be five more available soon on sovainbooks.co.uk and Amazon.”

    Stephanie Reed is studying Publishing Media.

  • Building your skills

    There are plenty more ways to build your skills beyond your course...

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