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    Why go on placement?

    • Experience of a graduate level job
    • Key employment skills
    • Professional knowledge
    • A foot in the door of a leading employer

    There are some things you can’t learn without hands-on experience. Learning through doing is invaluable – you discover what you really love whilst honing your career skills.

    Employers rate work experience as ‘the most important factor’ in recruiting staff. And Brookes works closely with industry to provide the highest quality placements – giving you the opportunity to maximise your employability.

  • Dan Bond, Oxford United FC

    Elite performance enhanced through science.

    This opportunity came up through Brookes and I took it. It paid off because now I'm working in my dream job.

    “I work for Oxford united. As the first team's sport scientist.

    I studied Sport and Exercise Science at Brookes for three years. In my final year one of the lecturers, Martin Morris, told me about an internship that had come up at Oxford United. I met the Strength and Conditioning Coach and started working beneath him. Learning the ropes of working in a football club. Using the stuff I'd learnt in the lectures in a professional environment.”

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  • Carine Gashugi, Pamoja Education

    Building practical skills for the world of work


    Carine Gashugi, a third-year student in Economics, Politics and International Relations, has been offered a permanent position with her work placement employer after she graduates in 2017. Carine spent over a year working with Pamoja Education, which provides IB diploma courses online. Her role, as Schools Services Co-ordinator, helped her to develop some important skills.

    Taking a placement year was the best choice I made

    Developing workplace skills

    “Pamoja trained me in developing my analytical and critical thinking skills. I was faced with real life problems from customers which prompted me to think critically on the spot. I was also able to understand how different functional areas within Pamoja operate to meet the organisation's objectives, and more broadly, how this can be applied to other businesses.”

    Carine was able to develop some other important workplace skills too, such as being able to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers and feeling more confident about voicing her opinions. Carine also developed valuable experience in using spreadsheets and in being able to effectively manage and prioritise her workload.

    Promoting the company

    During her placement, Carine had the opportunity to promote the company’s internship scheme at recruitment fairs in Oxford. Carine gained enough knowledge during her time with Pamoja Education to be able to train a new intern before returning to complete the final year of her degree at Oxford Brookes.

    “Taking a placement year was the best choice I made and I would tell any student in a position of taking a sandwich year to make the most of the opportunity! Now I don’t have to worry about not having employable skills when I graduate… Employers today are not only looking for a graduate with a good degree but also someone who is capable of applying what they have learned to their work.”

    Vicky Dent, Dyson

    Dynamic learning at Dyson

    Vicky Dent

    Every Business School student has the opportunity to spend a year in the workplace as part of their degree. Vicky Dent, an Accounting and Finance student, describes her time at top engineering firm Dyson.

    “I worked across three areas of finance from analysing financial data to developing international pricing strategies. I was given lots of responsibilities right from the start, but there was also plenty of support. I also organised a fundraising event for Dyson’s chosen charity, Sparks.

    My final year dissertation is a case study on Dyson – I was able to interview many senior directors who I would otherwise have never had access to.

    It’s also given me the confidence of knowing that, once I graduate, I’m fully prepared for the workplace.”

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  • Glen Pascoe, BMW

    Improving products

    Glen Pascoe

    Glen’s 12 month industrial work placement was at BMW Plant Oxford - the birthplace and heart of MINI production.

    His role, based in product development, entailed co-ordinating customer surveys and feedback on a fleet of new, test vehicles.

    “As a Brookes alumnus I feel honoured that gyrodrive will be making a positive impact on current students and the University in general by helping to achieve its sustainable travel plans.”

    “Linking what the customer wants to engineering issues was really interesting,” says Glen “and taught me how customer information can be used to bring about product improvements on key issues such as vehicle reliability.”

    Glen went on to work for Williams F1 where he was heavily involved in developing energy saving gyrodrive technology.

    He now works for GKN Land Systems and in autumn 2014 was part of the team that applied the gyrodrive to Brookes buses.

    Glen studied Automotive Engineering (now named Motorsport Engineering), graduating in 2006.

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  • Adrian Knight, South Central Ambulance Service

    Emergency healthcare, wherever it’s needed

    Adrian Knight

    “One of the key strengths of my course was how it combined quality and supportive teaching with placements at South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS). The placements were invaluable, giving me the chance to apply the skills I was learning in a real-world setting.

    I’m now a full-time paramedic with SCAS. The unpredictable and individual nature of each incident, and the wide range of skills you need to help each person in difficulty, provides plenty of challenges, but it’s also what makes the job so interesting and rewarding.”

    Adrian Knight, foundation degree in Paramedic Emergency Care.

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