Conditions of acceptance

  • Should you become a student at Oxford Brookes University, whether as an undergraduate, taught postgraduate or research student, this notice shall constitute a term of any contract between you and the university. Any offer of a place made to you by the university is made on the basis that in accepting such an offer you signify your consent to the incorporation of this notice as a term of the contract between you and the university for your education. This publication (and its CD-ROM where appropriate) describes the courses offered by Oxford Brookes University. Should you become a student of this institution you will receive further documents and online information describing the teaching, examination, assessment and other educational services offered. In particular you will be able to access online the University's Brookes Charter.

    The university will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver courses in accordance with the descriptions set out in this prospectus and in those further documents. The university's website is updated throughout the year and may supersede the information contained in this publication.

    The method of funding of postgraduate courses varies, some being supported by public funds and others being totally self-financing. In all cases the university has to manage its funds in a way which is efficient and cost-effective, in the context of the provision of a diverse range of courses to a large number of students. The university therefore reserves the right to make variations to the contents and methods of delivery of courses, to discontinue courses, to merge or combine courses and to vary fees, if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the university in the context of its wider purposes. If the university discontinues any course, it will use all reasonable endeavours to provide or find a suitable alternative course.

    Should industrial action or circumstances beyond the control of the university interfere with its ability to provide educational services, the university undertakes to use all reasonable steps to minimise the resultant disruption to those services.

    The university occupies several sites. The courses described (including the assessment and other aspects of courses) may be offered on one or more of these, which may be subject to change.

    Subject to the general principles of law, the university gives notice that it will not accept any liability for any loss or injury sustained by a student whether in connection with his or her studies or not.

    All students will be required as a condition of enrolment and/or registration to abide by, and to submit to, the procedures of the university's rules and University Regulations, as amended from time to time, which relate inter alia to conduct and discipline, complaints, use of facilities, health and safety, administration, assessment and the requirements of academic programmes. A copy of the current rules and University Regulations is freely available on the internet at University Regulations

    The university's Academic Registrar can provide a copy of the University Regulations if internet access is impracticable.

    Data on students' personal details (including any sensitive data provided by students), academic and administrative history and on relevant financial transactions will be processed in accordance with the university's data protection registration under UK law. Details of the current registration are available, on request, from the university's Information Compliance Officer.

    Unless exempted (undergraduate and taught postgraduate students are exempt), students agree to be bound by the university's Intellectual Property Policy and Regulations and accordingly, by signing their acceptance of the university's offer of a place, assign to the university, by way of future assignment, all intellectual property created by them in the course of their research as a student of the university. They also licence the university to use any of their previously-created intellectual property which is incorporated in that research or research outcome.

    Students must keep their research material confidential. The university may require students to confirm both this obligation of confidence and the assignment of intellectual property rights in more detail. In return, students are entitled to apply for a share of net revenue should the university derive a commercial value from their research.

    The university may, as its discretion, withdraw facilities from or refuse to enrol students who do not have appropriate immigration clearance from the UKVI. As a sponsor of international students the university is also obliged to report certain events and activities to the UKVI including, but not limited to, students extending or withdrawing from their programme for whatever reason. International students will be expected to assist the university in meeting its obligations to the UKVI.

    Failure by the university to exercise or enforce any right conferred by the above notice shall neither be deemed to be a waiver of any such right nor operate as a bar to the exercise or enforcement of that or any other right in the future.

    Notwithstanding any of the above conditions not being enforced, the remaining conditions will be binding.