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    What's on your doorstep?

    • outstanding links with hospitals, schools and industry in the region
    • Oxford's Bodleian Library - with over 11 million items
    • Formula Student racing competitions at nearby Silverstone
    • six science parks in Oxfordshire

    Surrounded by the very same environment that inspired literary and scientific greats, you'll have access to world-class resources and opportunities to learn from industry leaders.

    Students writing undergraduate dissertations have access to the Bodleian Library - second only in size to the British Library with over 11 million items. 

    The Ashmolean Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers Museum and Modern Art Oxford are also all on our doorstep with impressive collections of art, antiquities and specimens.

  • Oxford’s Story Museum: an outstanding resource

    Helping student teachers to think creatively about sparking children’s imaginations is at the heart of a collaboration between Brookes and Oxford’s Story Museum. The museum offers spaces and installations which connect its visitors with a rich literary world from the Mad Hatter’s tea party to a starlit superbed with live story readings.

    Students spent a specially devised day at the museum exploring its resources. They also heard from children’s author Abi Elphinstone, and took part in workshops which helped them to consider how they could use some of the ideas in their own teaching. The students gave the day a resounding thumbs up: “This is really, really important and useful” exclaimed Primary Teacher Education student Graeme Cooke. “It really opens your eyes to the possibilities you can recreate in your classroom.”

    Lecturer Matt Tobin helped plan the event with the museum’s Isy Mead and Cath Hogan. “This is not just a museum but a living, breathing environment”, he explains. “Students who go on to teach around Oxfordshire say they want to bring their classes back to the museum, while those who get jobs further afield want to take ideas about creating a rich and engaging environment to their school. It could potentially change a child’s attitude to reading forever.”

    Story museum's superbed
  • Connecting you with industry

    Joey Fruen

    Our location has enabled us to develop outstanding links with industry in the region. Not only does Oxford and the surrounding area host a number of science parks and over 1,400 hi-tech firms, it’s also home to many other businesses and sectors from publishing and manufacturing to retail. We have links with major employers in the region from BMW, Harley Davidson and Centrica to the NHS and Oxfam.

    These strong links give great opportunities for work placements in the region. Business and Management student Joey Fruen has returned to Brookes after spending a year working in the BMW communications department: “I discovered a real passion for the brand and this has made me think about pursuing a career in this industry.”

  • Access to unique resources for dissertations

    Alex Lindsay

    “Being able to use the Bodleian Library for researching my dissertation has been incredible. Handling original source material on my subject - the third impressionist exhibition of 1877 - is such a rare and privileged experience.”

    Alex Lindsay, studying History of Art.

  • Collaborating with Oxford’s Botanic Garden

    Wesley Fraser

    Geography students get a hands-on taste of original research as part of a link up with the University of Oxford’s Botanical Garden, the oldest botanic garden in Britain. The research - led by Dr Wesley Fraser - focuses on how plants respond to sunlight. Pollen and spore samples from plants at the gardens are collected and analysed by the students, who also write up the results. As well as experiencing the highs and lows of cutting edge research, it’s a great chance for students to acquire some key skills and experience.

  • Designing exhibition spaces in the Pitt Rivers Museum

    East Oxford archaeology project

    First year Architecture and Interior Architecture students designed innovative display devices for local archaeological finds in an exhibition at the Pitt Rivers Museum. Working with Archeox - an archaeology and history project based in East Oxford - they viewed, handled and recorded the finds which included evidence of a leper hospital at Bartlemas Chapel in Cowley.

    This is just one of many projects in the OB1 Live series, which give first-year students the opportunity for real collaborations that benefit the community.

  • Exploring the power of artefacts at the Ashmolean Museum

    “There is such a ‘tingle’ factor in working with artefacts with a rich cultural value. The students get really inspired.”, explains Clare Coleman. Based at Oxford's world-famous Ashmolean Museum she helps our Education students explore the power of using the museum’s artefacts to excite young people to learn.

  • Oxford: a student city

    As well as your studies, you will want to make the most of everything else that Oxford has to offer.

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