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  • Brookes Live

    On Friday 13 November we hosted an incredible showcase of pioneering projects, enterprising initiatives and the creative talents of our staff and students.

    Visitors to the John Henry Brookes Building had the chance to:

    • See miniature structures up close with our 3D printing of microscopic organisms
    • Experience our living library, filled with witchcraft, wizardry and werewolves
    • Meet and talk to Artie, our resident humanoid robot
    • Learn how to save lives
    • Listen to an amazing array of live music performed by staff and students
    • Bop along to our silent disco
    • Take part in our live draw
    • Treat themselves to some fantastic street food
    • Hear from some of our inspirational academics with a series of mini lectures
    • Help to build a fractal sculpture


    See the full album here »