• Dhol2Dhol

    Who can resist the infectious sound of drums? Dhol2Dhol have showcased their rhythmic talents at major events including the London Paralympics in 2012, and they’ll be bringing their irresistible sounds to the Ashmolean for LiveFriday. Brookes student and Dhol2Dhol member Jaina Valji shares a little about what to expect on the night.

    Tell us a bit about Dhol2Dhol Jaina

    Dhol2Dhol is an Indian Drumming school in Wembley founded in 1998. The dhol has been around since the 15th century and is widely known in India and the UK. It is a traditional instrument made from a large wooden shell. On both sides of the shell are skins made from different materials. Rope is then woven through to get the sound of treble and bass.

    Sounds loud! What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

    The Paralympics and playing in Trafalgar Square for Diwali on the Square.

    What’s your musical ambition?

    To promote the Indian drums amongst other cultures.

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