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    The word collective usually implies more than one person, but in the case of the Oxford Ambient Collective, it’s just Brookes staff member David Smith – unless you count the fans he’s amassed online with his electronic offerings.

    Tell us a bit about your style and musical influences David

    I am not musically trained so I guess my style is a little bit improvised. The music I do is primarily performed on my ipad using a wide variety of apps that let me play pianos, stringed instruments and a ton of synths. The beauty of the ipad is that I can start playing around with ideas wherever I take it (it sounds very sad but I have even taken it on holiday to Berlin a couple of times and composed the odd track).

    I am a bit of an electronic music fan and I have been heavily inflenced by German bands such as Kraftwerk and Neu. I am also a fan of film soundtracks and so an artist such as Vangelis features heavily in my list of favourite composers as he creates such wonderful soundscapes.

    My plan at The Ashmolean is to play around to films from the web site known as the Internet Archive to hopefully create visual soundscapes.

    Who are some of your musical heroes?

    Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Vangelis, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Klaus Schulze..too many too mention!

    What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

    This will be my first!

    …and the worst?

    Hopefully not this one!

    What’s your musical ambition?

    To keep on creating music and hopefully if all goes well more live gigs!

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