• Artie the Robothespian! – Level G Egypt and its Origins (22)

    Interact with a full-sized humanoid robot that's got personality. Use a touchscreen display to ask Artie to act out scenes from famous movies, get him to sing you a song or even guess your age and your mood. You can also write your own script for Artie to perform. Staff use Artie to conduct research human-robot interaction and to teach programming to students.

    Ashmolean under the microscope – Level G Ancient Cyprus (18)

    Find out how to turn your smartphone into a DIY microscope and use it to take a close-up look at different objects from the museum. Learn about the history of microscopes and how we use microscopy at Oxford Brookes to look at the secret life of cells.

    Biking bamboo-style – Level G Greek and Roman Sculpture (21)

    Students and staff at Oxford Brookes designed and built a bamboo mountain bike before putting the frame through a gruelling eight-day race across the Alps. Meet the inventors, take a look at the bikes and cheer on a staff team trying to hit a target of riding 150km in an evening.

    Brookes TV – Level -1 Contemporary Art (2)

    Student-run Brookes TV are taking over a corner of the Ashmolean’s atrium to set up a studio. From there, they will broadcast all the excitement of the night as well as interviewing VIP guests.

    Build the city of your dreams – Level -1 (Education Centre)

    Students and staff from Planning, Urban Design and Architecture will be on hand to help visitors share ideas about how to shape Oxford's character using wooden modelling blocks, photographs and other material to create interesting visions for the city.

    Business Poetry - meanings of change – Level -1 Money (7)

    Hear readings of poems written by students and staff from the Faculty of Business reflecting personal responses to organisational change in today's world of risk, recession and recovery. Be inspired to write your own compositions and share them with others.

    2013 Formula Student car – Level G Greek and Roman Sculpture (21)

    See a race car designed and built by Oxford Brookes students which has competed on the world stage in three international competitions: Formula Student (FS) UK, FS Germany and FS Czech against other cars entered from the world’s finest universities. The car has a monocoque chassis made from an aluminium composite and is powered with small yet powerful modified single cylinder petrol engine.

    Live Draw – Level 1 Asian Crossroads (28)

    Come and experience drawing in its many guises – from pencil to iPad. Join in or just watch the Art and Design students as they experiment with media to document the evening's celebrations. Be part of a collaborative drawing piece and make your mark on a large scale.

    Moot Court – Level 2 European Art (44)

    Watch student lawyers present dramatic legal argument in front of a visiting judge. 

    Movement and magic – Level G Cast Gallery (14)

    Movement is a part of our lives - and it's 'magic' how we do it. Learn some magic tricks used to help children with disabilities, and look at what can help when our hands don't work as well as they should. Researchers and therapists will show you how we are discovering more about the magic of moving.

    Music by Pi – Level 1 Mediterranean World (30)

    Pupils from The Oxford Academy have been helped by Oxford Brookes students and staff to build a musical instrument controlled by a simple computer called a Raspberry Pi. Come and see the instrument in action and find out how this technology has been embraced in the school sponsored by Brookes.

    Reminiscence - a visual journey – Level G Chinese Paintings (11)

    Browse photos from Oxford Brookes’ archives and chart its development from one-room art school in the Taylorian Institute - next door to the Ashmolean - through to school, college and polytechnic on its way to becoming an international university.

    Saving lives – Level 1 Islamic Middle East (31)

    Healthcare professionals will show how, by working together, we can save lives. Watch nurses and paramedic students supporting a ‘patient’ with a life threatening illness before being taught to perform life-saving skills such as checking for signs of life and chest compressions using a patient simulator called SimMan.

    The secrets of paintings – what eye tracking reveals – Level 2 England 400-1600 (41)

    Come and discover how you look at paintings. See how psychologists track eye movements, and take part in a demonstration to find out what your own eye movements reveal about the way you look at some of the Ashmolean’s masterpieces.

    Snapshot - Level -1 Conservation (3)

    Join us in a unique opportunity to have your picture taken and be part of a piece of public art which will be displayed at Oxford Brookes later this year.

    Think Business - Level 1 Mughal India (33)

    Take part in an interactive business game where your brain can earn you (virtual) bucks! Test your business knowledge against the clock in this fast-paced and fun quiz.

    What makes your walk unique - Level -1 Textiles (5)

    Do you shuffle or swagger? Come and take a stroll with researchers from the Movement Science Group. They'll record your unique walk and add your movement patterns to a database. This will help them develop a device to identify different walking characteristics. In future it could be used to assess people with walking difficulties and help provide treatment.