Raise your profile

A successful KTP provides a rich source of innovation stories, data and testimonial to help showcase your success and raise the profile of the company or the professional standing of the academic.

As a business, KTP projects can provide a wealth of intriguing news stories, video clips and other content to add to the company’s marketing assets and engage the customer.

As an academic, groundbreaking research offers the opportunity not just to write academic papers but to collect real-world case study information for teaching purposes, as well as submissions for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and the much-anticipated Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF), and University website. All of this helps raise the standing of the project within the relevant research community and maybe contribute to potential joint public speaking opportunities.

Capture information

Plan to capture information for marketing use, at each key step of the journey. Think in terms of quantitative data and qualitative, visual and written assets. For example:

  • Photographs - before and after if there is a visual change, but also of key personnel, the main entrance of the building and labs or company offices you are working in.
  • Video – capture key moments of breakthrough or change, and interviews with personnel from the CEO to the graduate associate. This could be filmed on a smartphone (landscape style).
  • Testimonial – capture written comments about how the problem has been solved or innovation achieved.
  • Data – think not just about benchmarking the project but capture fun facts pertinent to the project – maybe about the amounts of raw materials used in a process or the number of hours spent brainstorming.

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