Young Photographer in Old Beijing

28 March 2023 - 28 March 2023

A talk by photographer, author and historian Patrick M Dransfield, featuring his lost hoard of photographs of ‘Old Beijing’ 1986

Annual Alumni Sustainability Lecture: Access to food and inclusivity

Sustainable Food for All: Why Inclusivity Matters

29 March 2023 - 29 March 2023

Join our panel of speakers for our annual alumni sustainability lecture

Let’s talk about consent! Positive masculinity within educational organisations

29 March 2023 - 29 March 2023

Join a panel of experts, senior lecturers and student representatives to discuss how we can develop a culture of positive masculinity within schools, colleges and universities.

Experiences of the migrant 'second-generation'

19 April 2023 - 19 April 2023

This lecture will explore the experience of second-generation migrants through a sociological lens

Menopause in the Workplace

20 April 2023 - 20 April 2023

Oxford Brookes University is hosting a free ‘Menopause in the Workplace’ conference.