Your Student Information

You will use Student Information to do a number of essential tasks related to your studies throughout your time at Oxford Brookes.

How to log in

To log in to your Student Information, you will need:

  • your User ID (student number) 
  • the password you created. 

You can find a link to the login page below or by going to the Oxford Brookes Students homepage

Tip! Bookmark the login page or adding it as a shortcut link on your mobile phone/tablet home screen so you don't have to find the link again.

What you need Student Information for

1. Online enrolment

If you have been sent your student number and have created your password, you can complete online enrolment using the online enrolment service in Your Student Information. You will need to complete both academic and financial enrolment, as part of this you will need to confirm how you will be paying your fees.

Please watch the online enrolment video on the right which will explain what you need to do.

2. Update your personal information

Once you have completed your enrolment it is important to check your personal details are up to date in your Student Information. This includes your up to date semester-time address, your personal email address on record and your emergency contact details.

3. Add a preferred name

In your Student Information, you can add the option of a ‘preferred name’. A preferred name is any first name you chose to use while you are at University.

Please note, if you add a preferred name when you enrol online, this is the name which will be printed on your student card. 

4. Register your modules

Some courses will require you to choose and add optional modules to your programme of study. Registering for these modules will need to be completed via your Student Information in the 'Record and Results' section.

You will only gain access to module registration once you have completed your online enrolment. Find more information on registering modules. 

5. Request an official University document

You can access these documents in the 'Forms and requests' section in your Student Information.

You can request the following documents:

6. Pay your University tuition fees

If you are self funding your studies, you can pay your tuition fees in the 'My Accounts' section of Student Information. You can pay by credit/debit card.

7. Contact your Academic Adviser

You can find out who your Academic Adviser is and how to contact them in your records and results section of your Student information.

Need more help?

If you need any further help with Student Information, you can talk to the Induction Team.