Your course induction

Induction Week

Monday to Friday, 19 - 23 September

During your Induction Week, most courses will have their own programme of events that you must attend. This is your opportunity to get to know other students on your course and meet your teaching staff. These induction events will be on campus but there may be additional online events that you will need to attend/watch which will give you important information about your studies.

Some courses start their inductions earlier than Induction Week. Read more about courses with early inductions here.

More information available in August

On the 11 August, you will find the induction schedule for your course which will include:

  • a welcome from your school/department
  • activities to get to know other students on your course
  • meetings with your teaching staff including your Academic Adviser
  • drop-in sessions with your Student Support Co-ordinator
  • help with your modules
  • preparing for your semester teaching
  • how to access the Library (on campus and virtually)
  • an introduction to our virtual learning environment (Moodle).

Optional workshops

As well as your course induction events, there are other optional University-wide events you can attend. 

Courses starting before Monday 19 September

Most courses offer their inductions during the main Induction Week, but some start their inductions earlier. These include:

  • Foundation Art and Design
  • MSc Applied Coaching Science
  • Some postgraduate education courses

Check here for more information on inductions for these courses.

Foundation Degrees and Partnership College courses

If you are studying at one of our Partner Colleges you will either have your induction events at one of our Brookes campuses or at your College. From the 11 August you will find specific details on where and when your induction events will take place.

If you have a question now please contact

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