Introduction to Moodle

Learn about what you'll be using Moodle for, how to find it and what it looks like. Watch the whole video or see our mini sessions for an introduction to Moodle. These videos are also available in Moodle, which you can access when you are fully enrolled.

Getting started

Full video: Getting Started guide for Moodle designed for students. Running time: 7 minutes 30 seconds.

Why do I need Moodle

Session 1: Find out what Moodle is used for.

Where is Moodle?

Session 2: How to find and log in to Moodle.

Okay, I'm logged in, Now what?

Session 3: Explore Moodle's features and services.

What will my Moodle course look like?

Session 4: Find your way around different sections of your Moodle course.

How do I navigate my Moodle?

Session 5: Learn the different navigation methods in Moodle.