Career development workshop

  • Who is it for:

    In our busy lives, it is often difficult for people to find quality time to reflect on, review and plan their careers - and yet, in our increasingly complex and chaotic world, career planning is becoming increasingly important. We need to make sure that we stay ahead of the game by updating and refreshing our skills, spotting opportunities for development and progression, and ensuring continuous improvement.

    This half day workshop is open to all staff. It has been designed to provide quality time out for staff to reflect on and review their careers - supported by an OCSLD consultant and the other colleagues, attending the course who are interested in doing the same thing. It will enable staff to consider their past career successes and challenges, their current career point and their future plans and aspirations. Staff attending the course can refer back to their last PDR when doing this and feed the outputs from the course into their next PDR.

    This workshop complements OCSLD’s other career development offerings. Staff who have already attended Springboard, Navigator, Fresh Steps, Aurora or the Identifying Transferable Skills and Applying for a New Job course are welcome to attend this as a follow-up. 

    The format of the course:

    This is an interactive workshop which lasts for half a day (three hours). The learning methods focus on pair and small group work. The course will begin with staff learning/refreshing some basic coaching skills - by way of preparation to support each other. This will be followed by three pair/small group sessions with different people to discuss individual objectives and issues. Participants have the choice to discuss the same issue in all three sessions to gain different perspectives or alternatively, discuss three different issues. 

    In preparation for the course: 

    Participants should come up with some ideas about what they would like to explore during the course and bring them along - so that they gain maximum benefit from the course. In advance, they are also invited to produce a career timeline to identify the main stages and the peaks and troughs in their career to date. This will help to inform their discussions during their sessions. Participants will also find it useful to bring along a copy of their last PDR and a current CV (if available).

    Learning objectives:

    By the end of the workshop, delegates will have had an opportunity to review their career and future career aspirations and to create an action plan for their future career development. Each participant will create their own learning objectives for the course which they will assess at the end of the course.

    The learning objectives for the course as a whole are:

    • To give participants an opportunity to reflect on and review their career to date, consider their current career point and identify their future aspirations and plans.
    • To teach (or refresh) participants some basic coaching skills and so that they are equipped to support others.
    • To provide participants with three sessions to discuss their career issues with a colleague or in a small group - with a view to creating a career development action plan (which can feed into their next PDR).

  • Meet the trainer:

    Kathy Greethurst is an OCSLD consultant. She has extensive experience in career management and development gained in HE and other sectors. 

    If you are unable to attend a course we require 5 working days' notice of non-attendance, otherwise a cancellation charge of £50 will be made for each day of a course (or part thereof).