Mental health first aid

  • Mental health first aid

  • Course content:

    Mental health problems are common. People often have little understanding of mental health or mental health problems, although they may be aware of the associated stigma. Some people may lack the insight to realise that they need help or that help is available, or if they come across someone who is suffering with a mental health problem they may not know how to respond. Mental Health First Aid is the help given to someone experiencing a mental health problem before professional help is obtained.

    The course teaches people to:

    • Recognise the symptoms of mental health problems
    • Provide initial help
    • Guide a person towards appropriate professional help.

    It aims to provide:

    • Better understanding of mental health conditions
    • More confidence about mental health and what to do to help others
    • Reduced stigma about mental health
    • Better awareness of their own mental health and other people’s mental health

    The course, provided over 12 hours in four sessions, covers:

    • The five steps of mental health first aid
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Suicide and self-harm
    • Psychosis 
    1. Why mental health first aid?
    2. Common mental health problems
    3. Attitudes and anti-stigma campaign
    4. The five steps of mental health first aid
    5. What is depression?
    6. Symptoms of depression
    7. Alcohol, drugs and depression
    8. Risk factors for depression 
    1. Suicide in England
    2. Crisis first aid for suicidal behaviour
    3. Crisis first aid for overdose
    4. First aid for depression
    5. Treatment and resources for depression
    1. What are anxiety disorders (PTSD, GAD, social phobia, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD)?
    2. Symptoms of anxiety disorders
    3. Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders
    4. Crisis first aid for panic attacks
    5. Crisis first aid for acute stress reaction
    6. Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders 
    1. What are psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder)?
    2. Symptoms of psychotic disorders
    3. Risk factors for psychosis
    4. Crisis first aid for acute psychosis
    5. Treatment and resources for psychosis
    6. Mental health legislation
    7. Other expressions of distress, including self-harm
    8. Action planning for using MHFA