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  • We publish a range of educational development books, which you can order online.

    Popular titles

    53 Interesting Ways to Support Online Learning 2016 (Professional and Higher Education) by Rhona Sharpe  £15.00
    A Handbook for Deterring Plagiarism in Higher Education 2nd edition by Jude Carroll
    eBook also available
    Assessment Literacy, the Foundation for Improving Student Learning, by Margaret Price, Chris Rust, Berry O'Donovan, Karen Handley with Rebecca Bryant
    eBook also available
    Moving towards Internationalisation of the Curriculum for Global Citizenship in Higher Education by Valerie Clifford and Catherine Montgomery  eBook also available £10.00

    Free eBooks

    Downloadable in mobi format (for Kindle) and ePub (for devices including iPads and iPhones) these eBooks are Creative Commons licensed so you are free to convert to other formats, share (with attribution) and use the material in your own work.

    First Words on Teaching and Learning by David Baume   Free
    Learning by Doing: a guide to teaching and learning methods by Graham Gibbs   Free
    Small Group Teaching by David Jaques  Free
    Twenty Terrible Reasons for Lecturing by Graham Gibbs  Free
    What we Know about Student Learning by Chris Rust   Free
    What we Know about Assessment by Chris Rust  Free
  • Teaching More Students Problems and Course Design Strategies by Graham Gibbs, Elizabeth Beaty and David Baume  £7.95
    Teaching More Students Lecturing to More Students by Graham Gibbs, Bob Farmer and Sally Brown  £7.95
    Teaching More Students Discussion with More Students by Graham Gibbs, Trevor Habeshaw and David Jaques  £7.95
    Teaching More Students Assessing More Students by Graham Gibbs, Alan Jenkins and Gina Wisker  £7.95
    Teaching More Students Independent Learning with More Students by Graham Gibbs, Chris Rust and Diana Eastcott  £7.95
    Teaching More Students Supporting More Students by Diane Bochner, Graham Gibbs and Gina Wisker  £7.95
    Teaching More Students Labs and Practicals with Fewer Resources by Graham Gibbs, Roy Gregory and Ivan Moore  £7.95