Career development

  • Staff at the Centre of their own learning and development is a vision that complements Brookes’ commitment to putting Students at the Centre of the student experience.

    OCSLD consultants support Career Development as key to this vision. The term Career Development is used in Brookes in a much wider sense than classic progression, because the elements of single careers are often like parts of a jigsaw, the picture emerging gradually. It takes into account both Personal Effectiveness (developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to work well in the here and now your current job role) and Personal Development (developing self-awareness, motivation and experiences needed to prepare and position for future roles).

    Career Development is a key element of the Brookes Personal Development Review (PDR). The OCSLD portfolio presented in this section supports individual exploration against the backdrop of the organisation’s guiding principles and values. It recognises that an organisation is its people and that people flourish with space to think and time to grow. Building a coaching culture; creating leadership and mentoring networks; providing and commissioning thought provoking workshops; linking colleagues to professional bodies, accreditation and development pathways; promoting shadowing, secondment, apprenticeship and internship opportunities; activating mobility and agility organisationally – create the conditions for satisfying and sustaining career development to be done.