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  • Research ethics

    Increased demands for greater public scrutiny and accountability mean that studies involving human participants should be formally reviewed by individuals who are independent of the research.

    Research ethics review is required for all research and consultancy undertaken by University staff and students wherever research and related activities involve human participants. Research studies should ensure that the dignity, rights, safety, inclusivity and well-being of all participants are given primary consideration. 

    Oxford Brookes University is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in the research undertaken by staff and students. The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) has specific responsibility for reviewing research undertaken by staff (both in Faculties and Directorates) and research students (registered for MPhil/PhD, PhD,EdD or other professional doctoral programmes), whilst the review of research by Undergraduate and Taught Masters students is devolved to the Faculties.

    UREC meets 12 times a year from September to July; the meeting and deadline dates are available on the UREC website. Allow plenty of time for the application to be reviewed at Faculty / Directorate level before it is submitted to UREC for full review. In order for the committee to review research studies requiring ethics approval effectively, a maximum of 12 applications will be considered at each meeting.

    Due to leave and other commitments UREC does not review applications during August. Applications should be received in good time for the July meeting or they will be held back until the first meeting in September. Exceptions will be made for consultancy projects where there is a very short funding timescale.

    Please refer to the Code of Practice for Research Ethics for Research Involving Human Participants and to the University Research Ethics Committee to promote good practice and to conduct formal ethics review of research. Should your research include the use of security sensitive material, please refer to the security sensitive webpage and Guidance Policy.

    Research Ethics Officers for 2017-2018

  • Next Committee Date

    26 September 2018

    A maximum of 12 applications will be considered at each meeting. There is 1 slot available for review at the next meeting

    UREC meeting dates and application deadlines

    Applications must be signed by the research team and passed to the relevant Research Ethics Officer to be approved and signed off. Please allow time for amendments. Once signed off at Faculty / Directorate level, the hard copy should be given to the UREC administrator two weeks before the meeting date. A digital copy will be accepted if all the signatures are in place and the paperwork is in one document - multiple documents cannot be accepted electronically.

    For hard copy applications, please ensure that they are printed all double-sided or all single-sided (not a mixture of both) and do not staple the original copy as it will be scanned.