Research ethics officers

  • Academic Year 2018/2019

    Chair of University Research Ethics Committee:
    Dr Sarah Quinton, Oxford Brookes Business School

    Faculty / Directorate

    Research Ethics Officer



    Karen Handley (Ext 5968) 

    Health and Life Sciences


    Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery
    Dept of Sport, Health and Social Work
    Kellie Tune (Ext: 5276)

    Dept of Biological and Medical Sciences 
    Anne Delextrat (Ext 3610)

    Dept of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work
    Anne Delextrat (Ext 3610) 

    Dept of Psychology, Health and Professional Development
    Emma Davies (Ext 4056)
    Alternate: Morag MacLean (Ext 3775)

    Humanities and Social Sciences

    Carol Brown (Ext 8576)
    Alternate: James Percival

    Technology, Design and Environment


    Bridget Durning (Ext 2845)
    Alternate: Hooshang Izadi (Ext 4533)

    Directorate Representative

    (for applications from all Directorates)

    Sarah Skinner
    IT Services