Meeting dates

Applications must be signed by the research team and passed to the relevant Research Ethics Officer to be approved and signed off on behalf of the Faculty / Directorate. The deadline date is the final date for sign off and should not be the first time the REO has seen the application; please allow time for amendments. 

Once signed off at Faculty / Directorate level the final version of the application and supporting documents should be emailed as 1 PDF document to the Ethics Office by the deadline date shown below. Applications will only be assigned a meeting slot once received by the Ethics Office. On receipt, the application will be assigned to the appropriate Sub-Committee and added to the next available agenda space.

Note: a maximum of 12 applications will be considered at each meeting. Once the limit has been reached, any further applications will be carried forward to the next meeting.

Applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis. The documentation must be completed and signed off by the Faculty/Department or Directorate Research Ethics Officer. Once the Faculty Research Ethics Officer has signed off, your signed application and all supporting documentation should be submitted as a single pdf document to the by the submission date.


Date of Meeting
Deadline for applications
to the Faculty/Department Research Ethics Officer

Submission Deadline for applications
to the Ethics Office

CRES 23 November 2022
HSCRES 24 November 2022
28 October 202210 November 2022
CRES 21 December 2022
HSCRES 22 December 2022
25 November 202208 December 2022
CRES 19 January 2023
HSCRES 18 January 2023
15 December 202209 January 2023
CRES 16 February 2023
 HSCRES 15 February 2023
 20 January 2023
02 February 2023
CRES 22 March 2023
HSCRES 23 March 2023
24 February 202309 March 2023
CRES 20 April 2023
HSCRES 19 April 2023
24 March 202305 April 2023
CRES 11 May 2023
HSCRES 10 May 2023
14 April 202327 April 2023
CRES 07 June 2023
HSCRES 08 June 2023
12 May 202325 May 2023
CRES 05 July 2023
HSCRES 06 July 2023
09 June 202323 June 2023
CRES 27 July 2023
HSCRES 26 July 2023
30 June 202313 July 2023

Please note: Due to leave and other commitments applications are not reviewed during August. Applications should be received in good time for the July meeting or they will be held back until the first meeting in September.