If you are on campus - a reminder of what we need to do to keep each other safe and what’s open

25 February 2021

Student sitting in the John Henry Brookes Building (Gipsy Lane) library with a mask on, laptop open and a water bottle beside him

Updated: 14 June 2021

Thank you to everyone who has been following the guidelines on social distancing, getting regular Covid-19 tests, wearing face coverings and handwashing and doing their bit to help to keep each other safe. We really appreciate the efforts that you are making.

For students who are currently on campus, here are some handy points to remember.

Wear a face covering at all times when inside University buildings

We know that wearing a face covering helps to protect others, especially those who, for valid medical reasons, are unable to protect themselves in this way.

When you are inside any campus building, including the library, please wear your face covering at all times.

Scan our QR codes to help keep yourself and others safe

When you arrive for your in-person teaching it’s important to register your attendance by scanning the QR code in the room and recording your desk number. If you are studying on campus then we ask you to scan the QR code closest to your study location.

The reason we ask you to do this is that it means our Covid Response Team can quickly identify any ‘close contacts’ who may need to self-isolate if someone from our community tests positive for Covid-19. For more details on how this works and how we use the information, visit our Test and Trace, reporting and self-isolation webpage.

Access to drinking water

To keep our campuses Covid-secure we have needed to make some temporary changes to facilities that you would usually have access to. One of these is to our water fountains which have been disconnected to maintain safety during the pandemic.

Drinking water refills are available free of charge at our catering outlets during their opening hours, Monday to Friday. To keep yourself and our catering colleagues safe we ask that you remove the lid and place your bottle/cup on the tray provided.

After 2.00pm on weekdays and at weekends drinking water can be purchased from vending machines and the Co-op store located on the Headington Campus (Gipsy Lane site).

Twice-weekly Covid-19 testing

Regular Covid-19 testing helps to keep everyone safe and is a way that you can help to keep cases low. If you are on campus, please use our online service to book your free, twice-weekly tests.

You might have questions about what will happen if you have to self-isolate, and we want to reassure you that lots of help and support is available. You can find more details on this webpage.

Hand sanitiser and ventilation

We know that keeping our hands clean is an important way for us to limit the spread of Covid-19. You will find hand sanitiser stations in busy areas across all of our campuses, including building entrances, outside of teaching rooms and lecture theatres.

The Government recommends increasing ventilation in buildings where possible. This means that windows are kept open across our campuses. Although heating will be on, please remember to dress appropriately for these conditions, take regular breaks and keep warm with a hot drink.

Sunflower lanyards

We’d like to remind you that a sunflower lanyard can be used by those who have a hidden disability so University staff and students can identify those who may require extra help, understanding or patience, and in some cases exemption from face coverings for the following reasons:

  • If someone has a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability, that means they cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering;
  • If putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause someone severe distress.

We ask all students and staff to be mindful and respectful of this. Visit our sunflower lanyard scheme webpage for further information.

What facilities are open?

The University has opened facilities to support the teaching and learning of those students who are currently on campus.

Please remember the libraries and other study spaces can be used for independent study only. Government rules mean that you must not gather with others in these spaces or in any other shared spaces on campus.

Campus Monitors are on site, Monday to Friday, to support you and to help keep our community safe.

 Facilities include:

Opening hours and access arrangements are regularly reviewed and updated. Visit our dedicated facilities webpage for more details on opening hours and access arrangements