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Oxford and beyond

World-class resources on your doorstep

One of the most renowned centres of education in the world, the city of Oxford is famous for brilliant minds, ground-breaking research and amazing discoveries.

It is an environment that has inspired literary and scientific genius, and as a student here you will have world-class resources on your doorstep.

Great Oxford resources include:

  • Modern Art Oxford - a leading UK contemporary art space with an international reputation for inspirational and innovative programmes.
  • Christ Church Picture Gallery - an important collection of around 300 old masters paintings and drawings.
  • Oxford Playhouse - an independent theatre where those who have performed include Judi Dench, Robert Webb, Ronnie Barker, Stewart Lee, Dirk Bogarde, Andy Parsons, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Pegasus Theatre – a community-based theatre focused on young people which regularly collaborates with Oxford Brookes.
  • La Maison Française - Oxford’s French research centre, it is a hub of Franco-British academic collaborations, and provides opportunities to present papers at its seminars, as well as access to its library.
  • Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum – the oldest botanic garden in Britain, with collections available to research scientists.
  • Science Oxford - a community- based non-profit organisation that supports opportunities for scientists to share their passion for science with the wider world.

“Living in Oxford? I feel it’s one of the most amazing experiences because I've met a lot of international students and had a few chances to meet the local community. Like when I go to the market. I’m an extrovert and definitely have found that the local people here in Oxford are really welcoming and friendly.”

Nivedita Brahma - India, Pre-master's followed by Msc Psychology

Students laughing outside
Oxford Playhouse
Modern Art Oxford

A view to Oxford

“When I came here everything was just like I imagined before, a very beautiful city but very different from London. Oxford is very peaceful and it is small but lovely, a real place for students.”

Vu Tran - Vietnam, Pre-master’s followed by Msc International Hospitality, Events and Tourism Management

Oxford's libraries and museums include:

  • Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology - opened in 1683 and the world’s first public museum, it’s a centre for object-based teaching and research with internationally acclaimed galleries and display space.
  • Pitt Rivers Museum - one of the finest, best documented collections of ethnographic and archaeological artefacts, photographs and archival holdings (including manuscripts and sound recordings) in the world.
  • Oxford University Museum of Natural History - an internationally significant collection of geological and zoological specimens that underpins a broad programme of natural environment research, teaching and public engagement. Among its most famous exhibits are the Oxfordshire dinosaurs and a dodo.
  • Bodleian Library - first opened to scholars in 1602 and one of the oldest libraries in Europe, in Britain it is second in size only to the British Library with over 11 million items.
  • Radcliffe Science Library - completed in 1749 as part of a legacy from Dr John Radcliffe that also included the Radcliffe Observatory and the Radcliffe Infirmary, this is a major teaching and research science library.
Pitt Rivers Museum
Museum of Natural History Oxford
Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Beyond Oxford

Centrally located and close to London, Oxford is ideal for exploring many of the UK’s best-loved tourist attractions. This includes beautiful regency cities like Bath and Brighton, Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-Upon-Avon and all the attractions that the capital city has to offer.

You can either set off on an excursion of your own or join our International Student Advice Team (ISAT) on an organised trip with other international students. A great way to discover the UK and make new friends at the same time.