Public Health Taster Day - online

This public health taster day will give you insight into the relationship between health and wealth.

About the programme

21 June 2022, online

The Levelling Up the United Kingdom White Paper has recently outlined the UK Government’s plan to reduce unfairness in society so that everyone can flourish. Key targets include increasing life expectancy and improving health and wellbeing. 

This public health taster day will give you insight into the relationship between health and wealth. We will consider the challenges of ‘Levelling Up in the United Kingdom’, how we understand where need is greatest and how we can work with policy makers, health professionals and communities to improve health. 

This event is supported by HEE

Available sessions

Morning session (10am to midday)

Seeing unfairness to level up

In this session we will introduce you to the debates about how where we live contributes to our life expectancy and wellbeing. We will explore some of the challenges of understanding why some people have a longer life expectancy than others within the UK. 

Afternoon session (1pm to 3pm)

Tackling unfairness to level up

Our second session will look at how we develop interventions to improve the health of our communities. We will introduce you to some contemporary theories of how we can promote health and empower different stakeholders so that communities have a voice in how they can live long and healthy lives. 


Dr Sarah Howcutt

Dr Sarah Howcutt

Programme Lead for Health and Professional Development

Dr Sarah Howcutt is the Programme Lead for Public Health, Management in Health and Social Care and Professional Development. She teaches epidemiology, research methods and scientific writing. Her research work explores how we can collect good quality epidemiologic data about health risks from underserved populations such as marginalised young women and minority groups. 

Dr Sarah Hennelly

Dr Sarah Hennelly

Lecturer in Public Health and Subject Coordinator for Public Health and Global Public Health Leadership

Dr Sarah Hennelly is a Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer in Public Health. Her expertise is in developing and evaluating programmes that aim to improve people's health and wellbeing.