Supporting how you learn

We do everything we can to help you succeed in your studies to the best of of your abilities, with friendly specialists dedicated to giving you expert advice and guidance. They can offer help with everything from work planning to statistical analysis - browse this page to find out how we can best support your needs.

Centre for Academic Development

The Centre for Academic Development is a friendly, confidential study advice service offering one-to-one tutorials, group workshops and online resources to help students reach their full potential.

What can the team offer you?

  • Advice to help you work towards resolving your own issues
  • The understanding that university requires a different way of thinking and learning
  • Help to develop and find your academic voice
  • Sessions directly related to the work you will be undertaking on your course and specialist study skills
  • A focus on the individual in order to tailor the best support possible
  • Recognition that assignments are only one part of university life - students who regularly use the service often find themselves receiving improved marks, and therefore improved confidence.

What do our students say about the Centre for Academic Development?

“The session was extremely helpful and it gave me the skills to reflect on the structure of my essay and think more critically. Now, I feel more confident with writing and paragraphing - they offer such great support.”

“I received high quality support and my tutor gave me tips on how to reflect on my work which I have used since. She was very kind and put me at ease. I felt nervous as I haven't written an essay for 20 years so it was very helpful.”

“My tutor was very patient, took time to understand how I learn best and gave me tips and rules to apply in my work.”

“It is incredibly reassuring to recognise your skills with a study specialist and realise how you can bring individual strengths to a set task. As a disabled student with a mental ill health history, I very much appreciated all the reassurance, patience and enthusiasm.”

Other learning support services

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your best in the way that will benefit you the most.

Our learning support services include:

  • Your personal academic adviser
    A member of staff from your department assigned to work with you through your studies from beginning to end. They complement the academic guidance provided within your programme, and are here to support your learning.

  • Peer-assisted learning helpers
    Second and third-year students who run drop-in sessions to help you with your course.

  •  Student support co-ordinators
    Up to five members of staff in each faculty, here to help you with any problem or issue you may encounter during your time at Oxford Brookes. You can go to them with personal issues as well as academic, and no problem is too small or too big for their advice.

  •  Academic liaison librarians
    The subject librarians provide training and support to help you access the resources you need.

  • English language support
    A free service providing English language support to International and EU students whose first language is not English.

What do our students say about learning support?

“Brookes helped me break down the barriers that dyslexia was putting in the way of my learning. They taught me coping strategies as well as how to use assisted technology. From my experience, the one-to-one support offered by Brookes is second to none.”

“I succeeded because of all the effort I put in and the support of my teachers. At first I struggled a lot with maths but when I went to Dr Claudia Carillo for help she spent hours going through it with me. I attended all the surgeries and ended up passing maths with 91 per cent - one of my highest scores”

“My first lecture was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I went to talk to my academic adviser and he sat down with me and just explained the whole lecture.”

“They treat you like you are part of their family - they care.”