Logos and guidelines

  • Please read these guidelines before downloading the logos from the next page.

    Permission and approval

    When the Oxford Brookes University logo is required for third party communication, eg when the media does not contain the design frame, it can be used on its own. Permission for reproduction must be obtained from the Head of Communications Services.

    Proofs of any documents bearing the logo must be approved. Queries relating to its use should be referred to  commsservices@brookes.ac.uk.

    Logo guidelines - for printed media


    The Oxford Brookes logo should appear in Charcoal (spot colour Pantone 432U, or four colour C69, M55, Y46 and K13) or reversed out in white. It may also be used in black for black and white material.

    Examples: permitted logos

    No other colours are permitted, except on Oxford Brookes University stationery where a Brookes Lime logo is used.

    Example: logo in prohibited colour

    Care must be taken when placing the logo over a background image to preserve the visibility and legibility of the logo.

    Examples: logos used correctly and incorrectly on different backgrounds

    The Oxford Brookes University logo must not be displayed in a white box on a coloured background. Charcoal or reversed out to white should be used instead.

    Example: logo in prohibited style

    Example: logo spacing and sizeSpace

    The Oxford Brookes University logo must be displayed in a clear space to preserve its visibility and legibility. The space surrounding the logo must be a minimum distance of that equal to the height of the U in UNIVERSITY.


    The minimum size for reproduction of the logo is 7mm high. However, this is just a guide a guide as clarity and quality are paramount.

    Logo guidelines - for web and screen

    The same rules about visibility and legibility apply for use of the logo on screen.


    The Oxford Brookes logo should appear in Charcoal (#424a52, or RGB 66 74 82) or reversed out in white (#ffffff, or RGB 255 255 255).

    Size and spacing

    The minimum size for reproduction of the logo is 101 x 40px, with 10px space surrounding it.

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