Google Slides

  • The Oxford Brookes University Design and Brand team and the Accessibility Working group have released new Brookes presentation templates in full-screen or wide-screen format, with dark and light backgrounds and pink and yellow highlights.

    For Teaching (internal presentations) you should use:

    For Full-screen presentations (4:3)

    For Wide-screen presentations (16:9)

    For Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement (external presentations) you should use:


    1. In order to access the above templates, you must first log in to your Brookes Google account.
    2. Click on the link to the template you would like to use (you will be asked to make a copy of the document).
    3. Click 'Make a Copy' (this will open a copy of the document and save it to your Google Drive).
    4. Click on File/Move to organise the file in your Google Drive so you can find it later.

    When you are ready to use the document template:

    1. Right-click the file and click 'Make a copy' (a new copy of the document will appear in your Google Drive).
    2. Click to open copy of the document you made and save it with a relevant name
    3. Use the Insert icon (a plus sign) to insert new slides and the Layout tab to change to different styles.

    Samples using the new presentation styles

    For Teaching (internal use)

    The first slide is the Title slide, try to keep the first slide simple with the most important information on it.

    Presentation_Dark Background Title Slide Presentation_Light Background Title Slide

    The second slide is an optional section header or divider slide, you can delete this slide if you wish, or move it to another position, or duplicate it.

    Section headers are useful visual cues for when there are topic/theme changes during a presentation.

    Presentation_Pink Section Slide Presentation_Yellow Section Slide

    Subsequent body slides in many different combinations are available for the remainder of your presentation. 

    These can include body pages with text only or pages with images and text. In the slide template there are several slides that include text and images. By clicking on the image placeholder you will be given the option to upload an image or to search the web. 

    Images are also available on the Brookes image library. You can search the site by clicking Search Assets'. 

    Presentation_Dark Body Slide with Text Presentation_Light Body Slide with Text and Images