• Permanent badges are available from Badgemaster. Please check with your faculty/directorate administration before ordering permanent badges.

    Temporary badges can be produced by using this template and overprinting onto perforated badge sheets obtainable from Brookes Print (x3066).

    These covers are provided for A4 publications such as course handbooks etc. The templates have been provided with a following blank page which can be removed if you wish to submit the cover separately.

    Please note: Only the keyline frame cover should be used for printing on to coloured paper.


    New signage is gradually being installed in all buildings. To change the details on a new door insert please use this new template. The template contains two A5 size inserts. Simply delete the lower insert, and the grey dotted line, to create an A4 insert.

    Please do not adjust the font or size of the text.

    For older door plates, please continue to use the templates below, adjusting the size of the text as necessary.

    Please adjust the font size on these templates to fit the amount of information you need to display, but do not change the font type or style. You may wish to consider adding your office hours, email address and telephone number - see example below.

    These templates can be used to create certificates that provide a formal record of certain aspects of a student's achievement at the University. They need to be used in conjunction with the pre-printed certificate sheets obtainable from Brookes Print on x3055.

    These can include:

    Care must be taken to ensure that these templates are not used to produce documents which could mislead a third party. Two templates are provided with some example text as guidance for recording the award of credit or a scholarship in common circumstances to help avoid this possibility. In all cases the template must have a date added, so the point of issuance is clear.

    If further advice or guidance is needed concerning appropriate text to use on the template please contact the  Academic Registrar.

    An example of a completed certificate and a blank certificate

    certificate-example-complete_gif certificate-example-blank_gif

    We would advise you to send your file to Brookes Print for printing on to 170-200gsm card and guillotining.