BMS Seminar Series

12:00, Thursday, 04 October 2018 to 13:00, Thursday, 11 April 2019

BMS Seminar Series

Who this event is for

  • Staff - teaching
  • Staff - research
  • Current students - undergraduate
  • Current students - postgraduate taught
  • Current students - postgraduate research
  • Academic community


Kennedy Lecture Theatre, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus


A weekly event in which we host a range of cutting edge scientists that are welcomed to come share their research.

The outline of the talks consists of a 40-minute talk, with an additional 10 minutes for questions between 12-1pm. The audience is made up a broad range of biology academics, as well as PhD and undergraduate students. Followingthe talk, PhD students and Post Docs accompany the speaker to lunch and spend some time in the afternoon discussing their research.


Schedule of talks listed below:



DateRoomVisiting Speaker 
04/10/2018 Kennedy Lecture Theatre Rita Sousa-Nunes 
11/10/2018 Kennedy Lecture Theatre PhD Talks - Luis & Jo 
18/10/2018 Kennedy Lecture Theatre Alvaro Acosta-Serrano 
25/10/2018 Clerici Learning Studio Robert Insall 
01/11/2018 Kennedy Lecture Theatre Gail Preston 
08/11/2018 Kennedy Lecture Theatre PhD Talks - Charlotte 
15/11/2018 Clerici Learning Studio Chris Cunningham 
22/11/2018 Kennedy Lecture Theatre Marcus Kaiser 
29/11/2018 Kennedy Lecture Theatre Jordi Paps 
06/12/2018 Clerici Learning Studio Caroline Gorvin 
07/02/2019 Kennedy Lecture Theatre T.B.C. 
14/02/2019 Kennedy Lecture TheatreT.B.C.  
21/02/2019 Kennedy Lecture Theatre T.B.C.  
28/02/2019 Kennedy Lecture Theatre T.B.C.  
07/03/2019 Kennedy Lecture Theatre T.B.C.  
14/03/2019 Chakrabarti Lecture Theatre T.B.C.  
21/03/2019 Kennedy Lecture Theatre T.B.C.  
28/03/2019 Kennedy Lecture Theatre T.B.C.  
04/04/2019 Kennedy Lecture Theatre T.B.C.  
11/04/2019 Kennedy Lecture Theatre T.B.C.  

Speakers for 2019 are to be confirmed.

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