Boots on the ground: finding empowerment through activism, craftivism and protest

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Activism protest banners

Who this event is for

  • Everyone


Glass Tank, Abercrombie, Headington Campus


Part of the Oxford Human Rights Festival. A narrative of powerlessness is sold to us on a daily basis. As complex political options are reduced and polarised between ‘no deal’ or a ‘bad deal’ democratic processes leave large swathes of the population wanting. Switching on the television frequently serves as an unwelcome reminder that there isn’t enough money, enough time, or enough resources, and reaffirms that our world is plagued with multiple forms of injustice which, as individuals, we can do little to impact. In its broadest sense, ‘inequality’ could justifiably be nominated the political and social zeitgeist for our time.

Faced as we are with an endless list of seemingly insurmountable iniquities, apathy could become an appealing and easily-accessible place of refuge from our own seeming lack of agency. The question we should be asking ourselves is, how we find empowerment in situations which leave us feeling powerless?

Using personal photos, mementos and examples of craftivism, Emily discusses finding empowerment through her activism, some of the challenges she faces as an activist ‘on the ground’, and whether any of it really makes a difference.

Talk followed by audience Q&A with Dr Emily Scott.

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